Don’t Let Your Cavities Become Infections

Whether you’re 8 or 80, your smile can still develop tooth decay. In addition to causing toothaches, your cavity could also mean a higher likelihood of developing a dental infection. In today’s blog, we’re talking about how our Dallas, TX, patients can avoid the onset of infections by addressing cavities in early stages. From preventive care to fillings, let’s look at how to treat your tooth decay.

The Causes and Warning Signs of Cavities

How does a cavity form? Typically, our outer tooth enamel protects the teeth from tooth decay. However, should the enamel become weakened or damaged, then bacteria could reach the more sensitive layers of dentin, within your tooth, leading to cavities. Poor oral hygiene, injury, and teeth grinding could all increase the risk of a cavity forming. Once you develop decay, then you will eventually experience tooth sensitivity and toothaches. Persistent pain that lasts more than 48 hours means you need to see your Dallas dentist right away for treatment.

Without treatment, the cavity could eventually allow bacteria to reach your inner pulp. At this point, your decay becomes an infection, leading to serious discomfort and a greater risk of losing the tooth altogether. Don’t let an infection impact your smile’s health and stability, see us at the first signs of discomfort!

Fillings and Root Canal Therapy

We have a few options for treating cavities. A dental filling, made from a metal-free composite resin material, offer a lifelike solution to cavities and can be placed in a single visit. The filling stops the spread of cavity and prevents the onset of an infection. Advanced cases may require more than a filling, such as a custom-made dental crown. Again, we can employ lifelike materials to create them.

But what if an infection occurs? In order to save your tooth, we will recommend a root canal procedure. The root canal involves opening the tooth as removing the infected tissue. We then add a restorative filling material into a tooth and cap it with a custom-made dental crown. The procedure preserves your natural tooth. If you have any questions about tooth decay or about our treatment options, please contact our team today. Remember, routine checkups and cleanings enable us to monitor your smile and watch out for the warning signs of trouble!

Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry Treats Oral Health Issues

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