Month: April 2021

How A Perio Cleaning Protects Your Grin

Oral hygiene: Scaling and root planing (conventional periodontal therapy). Medically accurate 3D illustration of human teeth treatment

There are countless situations in which oral bacteria is the main culprit behind damage to our smiles. After all, bacteria are what infects teeth when chronic bruxism weakens their structure. It is also what causes decay to spread and compromise tooth after tooth. Just as bacteria play a hand in each of these examples, they… Read more »

Complications That Accompany Chronic Grinding

Artificial jaw, dental mirror and occlusal splint on color background

Your smile is one of your greatest assets, and it is certainly one that requires consistent care. After all, the list of factors that pose a major threat to your teeth far exceeds the list of items that are beneficial. While many understand that common concerns such as decay and gum disease are often the… Read more »

Understanding The Importance Of Preventive Care

Happy family! Mother and daughter child girl are brushing teeth toothbrushes in the bathroom.

While having a bright and beautiful smile is often a goal that many individuals have, it can be a difficult one to possess for life. Threats such as decay, infection, and more have a major impact on your health and functionality, requiring us to partake in a consistent prevention process just to give our grins… Read more »

Reducing Risks Of Oral Cancer

Tongue cancer word cloud concept

For many individuals and families, the biggest threat to excellent oral health involves the destruction caused by harmful bacteria. This includes the negative effects of severe decay or infection. Indeed, there are a number of treatments and processes that are used to address these concerns, but nothing is as effective as consistent practice of excellent… Read more »

It’s Time To Address That Cavity

In last week’s blog, we discussed the way that sedation dentistry can help ease the nerves for our anxious patients, thus making your visit with our team much calmer and more relaxed. Indeed, sedation can be utilized for a variety of procedures, including in cleanings, restorative procedures, and when treating decay. In today’s blog, your… Read more »