Month: July 2022

How Do I Defend My Smile Against Bruxism?

Bruxism can become a nightly concern, a source of regular discomfort, and a serious threat to the condition of your teeth. When left untreated, problems with repeated jaw grinding and clenching can cause significant trouble, but your Dallas, TX dentist can protect you against this issue. We can provide a custom appliance that will help… Read more »

What Crowns Do To Keep Teeth Safe

It can be frustrating to learn that your cavity or tooth injury has done permanent harm to your enamel. The good news is that with the right treatment, the problem can be addressed in a way that preserves your smile as well as your oral health. Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office can provide different solutions… Read more »

Checkups Offer Important Reviews Of Your Smile

How long can you really go without having your smile checked by your dentist? If you believe you can put off an appointment until something feels wrong, you can leave yourself at risk for potentially serious problems. You may not realize when you have a cavity or problem with gum disease until the issue has… Read more »

Protecting A Smile Jeopardized By Bruxism

If you tend to wake up to the feeling of pain or sensitivity in your face and jaw, it could be due to a tendency to grind and clench your teeth while sleeping. Unfortunately, when this issue—bruxism—is not addressed, there are serious problems that can occur. Over time, you can wear down your enamel, which… Read more »

How Root Canals Resolve Cavity Issues

There are real consequences to letting your smile go unchecked by your dentist. If you stop scheduling regular dental exams, you can let a cavity go undetected until it causes considerable damage to your tooth structure. Eventually, bacteria can make their way into your pulp and cause a painful infection. At this point, you can… Read more »