Month: November 2022

Fitting In Dental Care Before 2023

The year may be ending soon, but there is still time to arrange important oral health services. When you make time for treatment, it becomes easier to keep up with the kind of care that protects you against gum disease and dental decay. Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office provides consistent support, which includes both thorough… Read more »

Can I Trust A Crown To Absorb Bite Pressure?

The ability to confidently bite and chew food will help you enjoy a varied, nutrient-rich diet through the years. When a problem affects your oral health and you require restorative dental work, you can wonder about how that work will impact your dental function. Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office can provide care that preserves the… Read more »

How Flossing Helps You Protect Your Smile

If you want to maintain a smile that is attractive and healthy, you should put in effort every day to keep it in good condition. Effectively fighting the accumulation of bacteria and food particles calls for more than just brushing, as you should also be flossing every evening. By doing so, you take care of… Read more »

What Keeps A Tooth Filling In Place?

If your tooth needs to be treated for a cavity, know that your Dallas, TX dental practice is ready to help you. In addition to taking care of the damage to your enamel, we can provide protection after the matter is resolved by placing a lifelike dental filling to cover the area where decay had… Read more »