Month: December 2015

3 Reasons To Get Serious About Dental Care

We often find that patients begin to feel serious about dental care once something negative occurs, such as a cavity, gum disease, or otherwise. Unfortunately, waiting too long to commit to keeping your smile in excellent condition can result in easily avoidable complications. You might be surprised how effective preventive dentistry can be and why… Read more »

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Mess With Gum Disease

Patients often think that as long as they eventually treat periodontal disease, they will be just fine. Unfortunately, there are some significant and pressing reasons we suggest you seek periodontal treatment the very moment you recognize something is not quite right with your gums. By getting to know these concerns, you will feel more motivated to… Read more »

Quiz: Brushing Your Tongue

How confident are you in your dental hygiene routine that you practice on a daily basis? Are you certain about every aspect of preventive care? If you are extremely confident then you can answer “yes” or “no” without hesitating when we ask the following question: Should you brush your tongue every day? Not quite sure… Read more »

Dental Floss: Common Questions

  How much do you really know about the dental floss you are using to clean your teeth? Are you certain that you’re making the best decision regarding your flossing habits, so you are making the most of your preventive care at home? Don’t worry – you are not supposed to magically know this information…. Read more »

When Is It Time For A Visit?

Deciding when to pick up the phone and call us to schedule your visit is often something that can cause hesitation. For instance, some patients are unsure when to schedule preventive care visits and how often. Others wonder how long they should allow a toothache to bother them before scheduling an appointment. Rather than leaving… Read more »