Month: November 2017

Should You Choose a Tooth-Colored Filling?

When you have a cavity, treating it as soon as possible is necessary to prevent more extensive tooth damage and decay. For most patients, that means receiving a custom-made tooth filling to fill the cavity after their dentist has carefully removed the decay from it. However, every cavity is different, as are the unique dental… Read more »

3 Foods that Are Actually Good for Your Teeth

For much of our lives, we’ve been warned that unhealthy eating habits can have a dramatically negative influence on our smiles. However, the opposite is also true; a well-balanced diet is the best way to give your teeth, gums, and oral tissues the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Fortunately, there are a wide variety… Read more »

Common Causes Behind Bad Breath

When your breath isn’t as fresh as it could be, you might be slightly embarrassed to engage with other people socially or at work. More importantly, however, it might also indicate an underlying dental health concern, or the need to dramatically improve your hygiene practices. The trick to defeating chronic bad breath (or halitosis) is… Read more »

3 Tips to Prevent Cavities

Cavities may be the most common issue (they effect over 90% of adults in America), but that doesn’t mean they’re inevitable. In fact, cavities are fairly easy to prevent if you know how to control the causes behind them—namely, oral bacteria. Certain bacteria found in your dental plaque notoriously attack your teeth by converting sugar… Read more »

The Issues that Dental Implants Help Resolve

It’s not just replacing your lost teeth, but how you do so that matters most to your long-term oral health. For instance, conventional dental bridges and dentures restore your bite’s function, and consequently, you can continue to eat healthy and receive the nutrition your body needs to stay strong. However, only dental implants can reestablish… Read more »