Month: March 2021

How Sedation Dentistry Helps Anxious Patients

It might seem like we spend a good deal of time telling you about the good things that can happen when you take good care of your teeth, and keep your preventive dental appointments. In theory, every patient would visit us twice a year and that would keep everyone smiling. The reality is that even… Read more »

Three Ways Crowns Protect Your Smile

A myriad of factors contributes to the destruction and degradation of your teeth over time, whether you are aware of it or not. Indeed, your worries consist of much more than decay and bruxism, and it takes an involved and ongoing preventive care routine to ward off these dangers and ensure a healthy grin for… Read more »

How Grinding Your Teeth Impacts Your Health

It goes without saying that as one of the most common dental concerns there are, tooth decay is often the biggest threat to your grin. It can develop and spread throughout the mouth, affecting all teeth if given the opportunity, and will ultimately result in a total loss. For some people, however, the biggest concern… Read more »

Understanding How Decay Progresses

Ensuring proper preventive care means more than just brushing your teeth at home. In fact, it consists of a regular routine of brushing and flossing, attending dental checkups, and understanding how certain foods and beverages positively and negatively impact your smile. While it can be a troubling process, the spread of decay affects millions of… Read more »