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How Can I Protect My Smile Against Bruxism?

How much time do you have to address your nightly teeth grinding issues before you experience damage to your smile? Putting off treatment in hopes that you can wait to do something about bruxism can lead to consequences. You can find that your appearance has changed based on how much wear and tear affects your… Read more »

You Don’t Have To Suffer From TMJ Disorder

tmj disorder

Nothing can derail your day like a headache. It can be especially exhausting if you suffer from them consistently. What’s more, is that there are so many potential causes behind them — dehydration, stress, and missed meals are all culprits. Headaches can also be caused by temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. These are the joints that… Read more »

We Can Help Prevent Teeth Grinding


While you likely know that teeth-grinding is detrimental to the health of your affected teeth, you may not be aware of the damage it can do to your jaw as well. This disorder, also known as bruxism, can be caused by jaw alignment issues as well as environmental and emotional circumstances. Moreover, it can also… Read more »

Complications That Accompany Chronic Grinding

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Your smile is one of your greatest assets, and it is certainly one that requires consistent care. After all, the list of factors that pose a major threat to your teeth far exceeds the list of items that are beneficial. While many understand that common concerns such as decay and gum disease are often the… Read more »

How Grinding Your Teeth Impacts Your Health

It goes without saying that as one of the most common dental concerns there are, tooth decay is often the biggest threat to your grin. It can develop and spread throughout the mouth, affecting all teeth if given the opportunity, and will ultimately result in a total loss. For some people, however, the biggest concern… Read more »