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Relieve Your Bruxism With An Oral Appliance

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If you struggle with the grinding of your teeth overnight, it may be time to speak with an oral health professional about ways to treat your condition. If left alone, you could wear down your enamel, leaving you with unattractive stubby teeth. When this happens, you can also expose the more vulnerable dentin underneath, which… Read more »

Bring Up your Jaw Tightness At Your Checkup

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If you wake up with a sore jaw, it might be a result of your overnight teeth grinding. Bruxism is a prevalent sleep disorder that can cause serious issues, if you do not treat your condition. It might feel easy to ignore your grinding, but over time, you could be left with shortened teeth. Take… Read more »

Pain Relief From TMJ Treatment

When you continue to feel pain in your face and jaw, it can become clear that something has to change if you want to improve your quality of life. Discomfort that does not go away on its own can be brought up with your Dallas, TX dentist. When it is, you can learn how treatment… Read more »

Are You Concerned By Nightly Teeth Grinding?

Has a tendency to grind and clench your teeth while you sleep become a nightly concern? When you unconsciously and repeatedly do this, you can do increasing harm to your teeth, which can lead to negative cosmetic changes as well as worries over harm to your tooth structure that can affect your oral health! At… Read more »

TMJ Disorder And Its Effect On Your Daily Life

Proper jaw alignment can be more important than you might expect. If you have issues with uneven movement or alignment, a problem known as TMJ disorder, the stress on your jaw can become a source of discomfort in several areas. Beyond the discomfort experienced in your jaw, issues with headaches, facial discomfort, neck and shoulder,… Read more »

How Do I Defend My Smile Against Bruxism?

Bruxism can become a nightly concern, a source of regular discomfort, and a serious threat to the condition of your teeth. When left untreated, problems with repeated jaw grinding and clenching can cause significant trouble, but your Dallas, TX dentist can protect you against this issue. We can provide a custom appliance that will help… Read more »

Protecting A Smile Jeopardized By Bruxism

If you tend to wake up to the feeling of pain or sensitivity in your face and jaw, it could be due to a tendency to grind and clench your teeth while sleeping. Unfortunately, when this issue—bruxism—is not addressed, there are serious problems that can occur. Over time, you can wear down your enamel, which… Read more »

Treating Jaw Pain And Bite Stiffness

Unlike tooth pain, which can point to a specific concern, it can be less clear to you why you are experiencing broader discomfort in your face and jaw. In addition to having lingering discomfort that affects you throughout the day, you may experience stiffness, resistance, and increased pain whenever you attempt to bite and chew…. Read more »

When You Need Protection From Bruxism

What can happen at night to cause you to wake up with jaw pain, sore or sensitive teeth, and even concerns about broken enamel? For many people, sleep create problems for their smile, as bruxism can cause them to grind and clench their jaw throughout the night. When this goes untreated, it can have serious… Read more »

Responding To Harm Done By Bruxism

Until you do something about nightly teeth grinding and clenching issues, you can experience worsening harm to your enamel. At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to help patients regain confidence in the way they look after this damage has occurred. We can evaluate teeth to see if you should have dental crowns… Read more »