TMJ Disorder And Its Effect On Your Daily Life

Proper jaw alignment can be more important than you might expect. If you have issues with uneven movement or alignment, a problem known as TMJ disorder, the stress on your jaw can become a source of discomfort in several areas. Beyond the discomfort experienced in your jaw, issues with headaches, facial discomfort, neck and shoulder, and problems with teeth grinding can affect you. Through treatment for TMJ disorder, our Dallas, TX dental office can provide relief for the pain that repeatedly interrupts your daily life. We can both confirm that this issue is the reason for your discomfort and offer treatment to ease tension and resolve problems with pain. If necessary, we can do additional work to take care of any teeth that are not properly contributing to your bite and making uniform jaw movements harder for you.

Is TMJ Disorder Causing You Discomfort?

Problems with TMJ disorder can become difficult to ignore. The stress and stiffness you feel in your jaw whenever you bite and chew, along with general discomfort throughout the day, can be hard to live with. You can also have a tough time because of more frequent headaches, trouble with neck and shoulder pain, and a tendency to grind your teeth, particularly while you sleep. You should know that you do not have to live with this discomfort. Through TMJ treatment, you can be free of these issues and enjoy a better quality of life!

Talking To Your Dentist About Difficulties With Jaw Pain

An evaluation of your jaw movement, along with a review of symptoms that point to TMJ problems, can help us confirm that corrective therapy can help you. A custom appliance can be used to help you adjust to a better resting position for your jaw. An oral guard can also be good for protecting you against grinding and clenching due to related issues with bruxism.

Is Your Bite Function Negatively Affected By Poor Dental Health?

Sometimes, people develop poor bite movement because they have untreated problems with their dental health. With a custom dental crown to restore a tooth that is not supporting your dental function, we can help you improve your alignment when you apply and release bite pressure. This reduces stress on your joints and can lead to a reduction in pain.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About TMJ Disorder

By leaving TMJ disorder untreated, you leave yourself vulnerable to headaches, problems with jaw stiffness and pain, teeth grinding, and more! Fortunately, this is one of many issues that our practice can look out for and address. To learn more about how we can take care of problems that impact your quality of life and oral health, please call Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry in Dallas, TX at 972-329-7645.