Month: January 2021

Restoring Your Smile With A Dental Implant

For some people, the biggest threat to their smile includes the effects of grinding their teeth constantly throughout the night. For others, however, the biggest threat involves harmful oral bacteria that cause decay and infection. Indeed, while a healthy dental regimen includes a steady balance of preventive care at home and in-office, falling short of… Read more »

When Teeth-Grinding Causes Bite Dysfunction

For many individuals, the biggest threat to their beautiful grin will be the damage and harm caused by oral bacteria, such as decay, infection, and tooth loss. While this is the most common concern among individuals, others may endure significant threat and damage to their teeth due to a bite dysfunction caused by grinding their… Read more »

It’s Time for Your Little One’s Checkup!

It goes without saying that brushing and flossing regularly are the crux of excellent oral health, but bear in mind that other factors play a role as well. In fact, preventive care at home, attending routine dental visits, and even watching the types of foods and beverages you consume all work together and contribute to… Read more »

Three Ways Dental Implants Complete Your Appearance

Decay is one of the most common dental concerns that nearly everyone experiences at some point or another, usually in the form of a cavity. When caught early on, cavities can be easily addressed with a dental filling, and you can resume your normal function quickly and efficiently. In other cases, however, decay can be… Read more »