Month: November 2021

Making Treatment Easier Through Sedation

If you have an active problem with your tooth, it is important that you seek restorative dental work to address the trouble before it worsens. Not everyone feels comfortable setting up an appointment. For individuals who have dental anxiety, even a routine oral health checkup can feel stressful. Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office can make… Read more »

Dental Hygiene And Your Gingivitis Risks

If you have the right dental hygiene routine in place, you can keep your smile safe against more than just cavities. Through proper brushing and flossing, you will also remove harmful bacteria before they can start to gather under your gum line and cause issues with gingivitis. Protecting yourself against this issue is important. Without… Read more »

Fully Caring For A Tooth During A Root Canal

If a problem with dental decay is not stopped in time, your tooth will become infected. This is a potentially serious problem, as it can lead to persistent pain, trouble with sensitivity issues, and an increased risk that your tooth might be lost! At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, we are ready to help you… Read more »

Resolving Dental Problems With Lifelike Crowns

There are times when even dental fillings are not sufficient to restore teeth affected by cavities. In these situations, your Dallas, TX dentist can respond by providing a custom dental crown. These restorations provide a larger area of coverage, as they actually surround teeth above your gum line. Because we offer treatment with porcelain-made restorations,… Read more »