Month: May 2019

Do My Sensitive Teeth Mean I Have Cavities?

Do you have sensitive teeth? Do they ache or sting, especially when you consume hot or cold foods and drinks? A variety of factors could lead to aches and sensitivity, including the presence of dental cavities. How do you know when to see your Dallas, TX, dentist? Can you take steps to avoid the onset… Read more »

Do Bleeding Gums Point To Serious Trouble?

If you notice any changes to your gums, such as redness or bleeding, then you should consider contacting your Dallas, TX, dentist. These warning signs could point to gum disease, a serious oral health issues linked to discomfort and even adult tooth loss. In today’s blog, let’s talk about the dangers of periodontal disease, and… Read more »

Let’s Talk About The Advantages Of Dental Implants

Missing teeth mean your overall oral health, as well as your appearance, can suffer. In order to protect smiles in Dallas, TX, from the complications of untreated tooth loss, we provide our patients a durable and long-lasting option: dental implants. Let’s look at the advantages that dental implants offer our patients with one or more… Read more »

The Benefits Of A Dental Extraction

We strive to help preserve smiles in Kahoka, MO, protecting natural teeth and preventing tooth loss due to gum disease or poor oral hygiene. However, for wisdom teeth and other concerns, treatment that involves removing a tooth may be necessary to prevent major complications. What benefits will an extraction offer? How do we perform the… Read more »

5 Facts About Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth becomes infected or develops a painful abscess, treatment is crucial for avoiding tooth loss and preventing the spread of infection. But how do we treat infection and save smiles in Dallas, TX? In today’s blog, we’re going to look at root canal therapy and how this safe and comfortable restorative procedure helps… Read more »