Month: September 2015

Quiz: Nitrous Oxide Or Oral Sedation?

Your experience begins as a feeling of pure joy when you discover you have sedation dentistry options for a calm visit. However, this sensation may quickly fade and turn into confusion when you realize you have not just one option – but two options. How do you choose? Is nitrous oxide right for your needs… Read more »

FAQs: Children’s Dental Care

Taking care of your child’s smile can become a task that causes you a significant amount of stress. Of course, this is only because you want what is best for your little one and your entire family. When it comes to figuring out what’s what regarding children’s dental care treatments and choices, you may find… Read more »

Preventing Misalignment Problems

Have you been thinking about the fact that your smile is not quite as straight as you would like? Perhaps beyond wishing for a more uniform grin, you suffer from daily discomfort or difficulty with simple tasks like easily closing your top and bottom teeth together. The spectrum of misalignment concerns is broad, ranging from… Read more »

Matilda The Musical

Were you always a fan of Roald Dahl’s writing, enjoying everything from James and the Giant Peach to the touching story called Matilda? If Matilda was a household favorite then you will be quite pleased to have the chance to witness a live performance of the beloved tale during this upcoming event.

Bad Breath? No Problem.

Have you become worried lately because your bad breath is lingering? If you’ve already made all of the obvious attempts that you can think of to rectify the situation and that not-so-fresh odor is still hanging about, we suggest that you become familiar with why it’s happening – and what to do. The good news… Read more »

Preventive Dentistry Lightning Round

Have you ever brushed your teeth and wondered if you were doing it right? Perhaps you bought a new toothbrush and momentarily wondered if you should have chosen something else. Whatever the case, we are well aware that staying on top of all of the details associated with preventive dentistry can feel a tiny bit… Read more »

Steps To Keep Your Smile Healthy

By the time you’re done walking through the dental hygiene aisle and thinking about scheduling your next preventive dentistry visit, you may feel a little bit overwhelmed. After all – why should it be so hard to keep your smile in good shape? True, there are a lot of products out there and interesting options…. Read more »

Dental Implants Quiz: Candidacy

When it comes to replacing your teeth, the experience calls for you to consider a variety of solutions. Unlike issues like tooth decay which may either require a filling or a crown, choosing a treatment to address tooth loss is more complicated. In addition to selecting options that work with your tooth loss pattern, it’s also essential… Read more »

Identify Wildflowers: An Event

Do you fancy yourself quite the flower enthusiast? Perhaps you have never met a blossom that didn’t enchant you but as for the names of those blooms – you don’t know an evening primrose from a morning glory. Lucky for you, there’s an upcoming event that will help you brush up on identifying all of… Read more »

Extractions: Your Comfort Questions

When we inform you that you need an extraction, the first thing that goes through your mind may be your comfort. We understand that many patients often find themselves quite preoccupied with how a particular procedure is going to feel, which is completely understandable. Rest assured, it is always our goal to establish comfort before,… Read more »