Month: March 2018

Quiz: What Makes Dental Implants Different?

There are multiple options available for replacing one or more missing teeth. Addressing tooth loss is essential for avoiding the serious complications of adult tooth loss. For the most secure and long-lasting option, you may consider dental implants. What makes dental implants different from regular bridges or dentures?

What Are the Most Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction?

Extracting a tooth isn’t something that everyone will need to do. Yet, when your dentist suggests it, it’s for a good reason, and hesitating could lead to a heightened risk of even more serious oral health complications. Today, we examine a few of the most common reasons for tooth extraction and how the procedure helps… Read more »

Quiz: What Are The Benefits Of Dental Implants?

When you lose one or more teeth, then you need replacement with a prosthetic. Otherwise, untreated tooth loss could have serious negative consequences for your oral health and your smile’s appearance. Fortunately, we can use dental implants to address tooth loss, offering a number of benefits for those with missing teeth.

Why Your Dentist Suggests Fluoride for Stronger Teeth

For several decades, dentists have recommended fluoride as part of an excellent hygiene and preventive dental care routine. The reason is because of how fluoride interacts with your teeth’s natural defenses—namely, it’s protective layer of enamel. The best way to keep your teeth healthy is to keep their enamel strong enough to repel harmful oral… Read more »