Month: December 2022

Receiving A Crown That Blends In With Your Smile

When you experience trouble with your oral health, you may find that you need work done that includes the placement of a permanent restoration. This can generally be less than welcome news, but it can be especially concerning when you need to do something for a tooth that is more visible whenever you smile and… Read more »

Booking A Cleaning That Treats Gingivitis

Dental cleanings are part of the regular reviews that you schedule at our Dallas, TX dentist’s office. These services remove plaque and tartar deposits to help lower your risk for new threats to your well-being. What you should know is that there are times when we will recommend a different approach. For any patients who… Read more »

Cavity Risks Around The Holidays

There are many reasons why people look forward to the beginning of the holiday season, but there are also reasons you should be more concerned about your smile at this time of year. Between traveling and other schedule interruptions and your access to sugary seasonal treats, you can put your enamel through more harm than… Read more »

Pain Relief From TMJ Treatment

When you continue to feel pain in your face and jaw, it can become clear that something has to change if you want to improve your quality of life. Discomfort that does not go away on its own can be brought up with your Dallas, TX dentist. When it is, you can learn how treatment… Read more »

How Root Canals Respond To Smile Threats

There are different actions that can be taken when patients come in with worries about their oral health. Tooth decay is something our Dallas, TX dental practice can take on when necessary. At your appointment, you may find that you only require conservative care with a dental filling. However, if the problem is more advanced,… Read more »