Month: March 2022

Taking Action Against Gum Disease

Without the proper actions taken, gum disease can take a worrying toll on both your general well-being and smile. Did you know that an infection actually raises your risk for tooth loss? The tissue damage caused by bacteria on the roots of your teeth can make you more susceptible to this issue. When those bacteria… Read more »

Responding To Harm Done By Bruxism

Until you do something about nightly teeth grinding and clenching issues, you can experience worsening harm to your enamel. At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, we are prepared to help patients regain confidence in the way they look after this damage has occurred. We can evaluate teeth to see if you should have dental crowns… Read more »

Receiving Your Secure Dental Bridge

When you no longer have your full smile, you can experience embarrassment about your appearance along with oral health issues that will negatively affect your life. Fortunately, this is not something you are helpless to address! With the help of your Dallas, TX dentist, you can regain your complete smile by receiving a custom dental… Read more »

Keeping A Tooth Safe With A Lifelike Crown

Dental crowns provide important support for teeth in situations where advanced tooth decay or physical trauma seriously affect them. When it comes to cavity treatment, they provide a means of supporting your healthy tooth structure when you need more protection than a dental filling can offer. If you have a physical injury, your restoration can… Read more »