Month: February 2016

Dental Implants: Common Concerns

Are you thinking that you would like to move forward with your plan of replacing the teeth missing in your smile with dental implants – but you are still extremely uncertain about certain aspects of implants? Rather than allowing your worries to get the best of your and sabotage an otherwise solid plan to restore your… Read more »

3 Qualities Of Effective Toothpaste

There are few moments more confusing – and often overwhelming – than standing in the hygiene aisle. This is particularly true when you simply want to quickly grab a tube of toothpaste and be on your merry way. Fortunately, if you are knowledgeable regarding helpful guidelines for picking effective toothpaste for your dental hygiene, you… Read more »

A Quiz: Root Canal Terms

When it comes to showing up for your root canal therapy, do you already feel thoroughly informed about what’s going to happen? Are you completely relaxed about the visit because you have already chosen a sedation option for a deeply peaceful experience? These are all good things. Now – how familiar are you with root… Read more »

3 Ways To Protect A New Dental Crown

Are you curious about how to proceed once you receive a dental crown? We understand your feeling of uncertainty. Not only is your crown providing coverage to a tooth that was in need of great support – but it’s also quite beautiful. Learning how to keep your crown in the best possible condition is wonderful both for… Read more »