3 Qualities Of Effective Toothpaste

toothbrushheadpasteThere are few moments more confusing – and often overwhelming – than standing in the hygiene aisle. This is particularly true when you simply want to quickly grab a tube of toothpaste and be on your merry way. Fortunately, if you are knowledgeable regarding helpful guidelines for picking effective toothpaste for your dental hygiene, you have nothing to worry about and this experience will become quite quick. Allow us to offer a bit of enlightenment, so you can get in and out of the drugstore in a jiffy.

Quality #1: It Has Fluoride

Look at the package when you are choosing your toothpaste and make sure it contains fluoride. This mineral is naturally occurring and ensures your dental hygiene is quite effective. Fluoride “remineralizes” your teeth in the earliest phase of tooth decay, often replacing minerals that have become lost and that might lead to a cavity. The mineral will also strengthen teeth for even more protection against tooth decay.

Quality #2: It’s Smooth, Not Gritty

You never want to choose abrasive toothpaste. Instead, you want a formula that is going to clean your teeth without damaging your outermost layer, called enamel. Whether you’re practicing dental hygiene on all natural teeth, natural teeth and crowns, or even veneer-covered teeth, non-abrasive products are always the way to go.

Quality #3: It’s Accepted By The ADA

When in doubt, let the American Dental Association steer you in the correct direction. Take a look at every panel of the toothpaste box when you’re shopping, seeking out a label that boasts the “ADA Seal of Acceptance.” This is your sign that the toothpaste has been tested and will provide effective protection against tooth decay.