Month: July 2021

We Can Help Prevent Teeth Grinding


While you likely know that teeth-grinding is detrimental to the health of your affected teeth, you may not be aware of the damage it can do to your jaw as well. This disorder, also known as bruxism, can be caused by jaw alignment issues as well as environmental and emotional circumstances. Moreover, it can also… Read more »

Protect Your Children’s Teeth

Children's Dentistry

Good dental habits start at a young age. By teaching your child the proper way to care for their teeth, you are setting them up for a lifetime of good oral hygiene. Like adults, kids need to brush their twice a day and floss them daily. When they are very young, you will have to… Read more »

A Root Canal Can Save Your Smile

root canal

We often hear about root canals, but not many of us know exactly what the procedure consists of. The unknown is intimidating, and it can prevent us from taking the proper steps to keep ourselves healthy. In the case of your mouth, this procedure — while seemingly daunting — is very important to maintaining oral… Read more »

What Are Fillings And Do I Need One?

tooth filling

Many of us think about our twice-daily tooth brushing in terms of preventing cavities; it is how many of our parents and dentists contextualize the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene. Despite these efforts, tooth decay can still occur and when it does, your dentist will likely suggest a filling. In today’s blog, your Dallas,… Read more »

The Protection Provided By Deep Cleanings

Regular trips to see your dentist for preventive care are important for many reasons. They provide protection against tooth decay, but they focus on more than just the condition of your teeth. At these visits, your Dallas, TX dentist will also look out for signs of periodontal trouble. An infection that is caught in time… Read more »