A Root Canal Can Save Your Smile

root canalWe often hear about root canals, but not many of us know exactly what the procedure consists of. The unknown is intimidating, and it can prevent us from taking the proper steps to keep ourselves healthy. In the case of your mouth, this procedure — while seemingly daunting — is very important to maintaining oral health when you have an infected tooth. Moreover, it can help alleviate pain and discomfort. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX dentist will discuss the importance of the procedure, who needs it, and what the benefits are. 

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

It is a treatment that removes bacteria and infected tissues from the tooth pulp. This is the part of the tooth where nerves, blood vessels, and other soft tissues are located, so when it is overrun with bacteria and becomes infected, the tooth can potentially suffer a lot of damage. The tooth pulp is connected to the root canal, hence the name of the procedure. The decay that necessitates this treatment is more severe and runs deeper than that found in a traditional cavity. Ultimately, the procedure can save your tooth from extraction and is well worth it when necessary. While it is more involved than receiving a filling, it is still minimally invasive and can typically be performed in a single visit.

Who Needs It?

A root canal should be performed on anyone whose tooth infection has gotten severe and deep enough to where a filling will not be sufficient. While your dentist is the only person who can tell if you need root canal therapy, certain signs can identify the necessity of the procedure. The most prominent signs are persistent tooth pain, swelling, and tenderness. These symptoms are often caused by an infection, frequently stemming from decay, a cracked tooth, or a traumatic injury. If you experience persistent tooth pain, there’s a chance that the pulp is infected, and you should ask your dentist about receiving root canal therapy as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the more infected it can become.

What Are The Benefits Of The Procedure?

In addition to removing bacteria and infection, it can also relieve toothache, prevent the need for tooth removal, and can help prepare your tooth for a crown or filling, depending on the condition of your tooth. What’s more, is that it is virtually pain-free and is minimally invasive. Overall, it helps ensure that your mouth stays as healthy as possible and that you can maintain oral comfort. 

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