Month: December 2021

A Root Canal Provides Relief From Tooth Pain

How upset should you be over the start of dental discomfort? A brief period of tooth pain can occur when you have sinus troubles, so the problem is not always something you need to bring to your dentist. However, when you have severe discomfort or pain that continues to concern you, the problem should be… Read more »

Procedures That Take On Gum Disease

The problems with your periodontal health can have serious consequences over time. How comfortable are you with the idea of losing teeth over time? If you do not take care to manage problems with your gums, your risk for this problem goes up. Unresolved issues with your gum health can also have real consequences for… Read more »

Providing Treatment With Lifelike Crowns

Is it time for you to worry about your smile when you hear that you need a dental crown? While problems that make crowns necessary can certainly be serious, the treatment experience itself is one that you can actually look forward to. After all, the placement of a permanent restoration will give you protection for… Read more »

Treating A Cavity Without Changing Your Smile

There may be many concerns you have going into a cavity treatment: What will it take to fully restore your tooth’s health? Will there be any lasting problems with your tooth after treatment? How will restorative work affect your smile? At our Dallas, TX dentist’s office, we can provide treatments for decay that deliver lasting… Read more »

Growing Tired Of TMJ Pain? We Can Help!

As long as you leave a problem with your jaw alignment or movement untreated, you can experience frustrating problems with pain and sensitivity, limited movement, and even issues with persistent headaches. So what can you do if you suspect this issue, TMJ disorder, is interfering with your quality of your life? With the help of… Read more »