A Root Canal Provides Relief From Tooth Pain

How upset should you be over the start of dental discomfort? A brief period of tooth pain can occur when you have sinus troubles, so the problem is not always something you need to bring to your dentist. However, when you have severe discomfort or pain that continues to concern you, the problem should be evaluated. Your Dallas, TX dentist can determine what kind of care you need to put this problem behind you. We can determine if the problem is linked to internal problems from a severe cavity, or due to an injury. If so, we can manage the matter through root canal treatment before restoring your tooth with a custom dental crown.

Why Tooth Pain Is Not Something You Should Ignore

When you struggle with tooth pain, it can be difficult to stop thinking about your discomfort. Letting the matter go without a review can lead to problems, as the issue can put you at risk for losing your tooth, and for complications that further impact your oral health. Once you undergo a review, you can learn why you are experiencing pain and/or sensitivity issues, and you can discuss your options for restorative dental work.

Planning Your Root Canal Treatment

When called for, your dentist can provide root canal treatment to help you recover from a serious dental problem. This procedure deals with bacteria and damaged tissues within your pulp. After carefully clearing out this space within your tooth, your dentist can seal it and make plans to protect your tooth with a custom dental crown. This restoration provides long-term protection, making it possible for you to bite and chew without worrying over the state of your tooth. It can also provide coverage that preserves your attractive smile!

Can I Treat A Dental Problem Before A Root Canal Is Needed?

Keeping up with your regular dental checkups will help you learn about problems with tooth decay before the damage is severe enough to require a root canal. Timely care can preserve more of your tooth structure, and it can remove the need to have a root canal performed. Keep in mind that these visits also help you by lowering your risk for future oral health issues, which means you are less likely to need restorative work of any kind.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Root Canal Treatment

Through root canal treatment, you can have a concerning problem with dental pain resolved. This is an important procedure, as it can put an end to a potentially serious issue and put an end to your active discomfort. If you would like to learn more about this or any other procedure that we make available to our patients, contact Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry in Dallas, TX at 972-329-7645.