Month: October 2022

Halloween And Your Healthy Smile

Do you have plans to celebrate this Halloween? Whether you intend to go out and make the most of the holiday or stay in for a quiet evening, you can find that you have more access to candy before the big day and after. In addition to having sweets ready to hand out to trick-or-treaters,… Read more »

When Your Cavity Requires A Root Canal

How will your Dallas, TX dentist take on your cavity? The answer will be affected by the condition of your tooth, as some patients will require more involved restorative dental work than others. In some cases, full treatment will include a root canal to deal with trouble within the tooth structure. By providing root canal… Read more »

Are You Concerned By Nightly Teeth Grinding?

Has a tendency to grind and clench your teeth while you sleep become a nightly concern? When you unconsciously and repeatedly do this, you can do increasing harm to your teeth, which can lead to negative cosmetic changes as well as worries over harm to your tooth structure that can affect your oral health! At… Read more »

Options For Restoring An Incomplete Smile

What are you doing to adjust to life after tooth loss? It can be hard enough to see how a gap left behind a missing tooth affects you. It can be more frustrating to experience difficulties with your bite function because of this problem, and over time you can even find yourself experiencing negative effects… Read more »