Month: January 2016

3 Functions Of Fillings

When you receive the news that you need a dental filling, you might immediately think to yourself that the main goal of a filling is solely to clear up your cavity. However, to fully appreciate this restorative treatment, it is important to understand the unique functions of fillings. True, after your filling, your cavity is… Read more »

2 Ways To Choose Your Sedation

Are you having a hard time figuring out which type of sedation dentistry is for you? Perhaps you have been learning a bit about laughing gas – and then a few details about oral sedation – but the more you learn, the more you have trouble making a final decision. Fortunately, by speaking with us… Read more »

How’s Your Toothbrush Doing?

Do you find yourself feeling particularly anxious about your toothbrush? Do you wonder if you should be making some sort of significant effort to keep it free of bacteria, since the goal is to rid your teeth of harmful bacteria? Perhaps you are unsure about when to throw your current brush out and replace it… Read more »

Dental Extractions Quiz

Do you feel uneasy when you think about a dental extraction? Have you been thinking about this treatment quite a lot lately because you are unsure about what you can expect but you have been told you need an extraction? Don’t worry – by taking a quick quiz, you will either find out that you… Read more »