Month: July 2015

Why Choose A Family Dentist For Your Child?

If you have ever wondered to yourself whether it matters where you bring your child for dental care, we can say with great certainly that it does. You see, the oral healthcare needs of your child are unique. In some cases, your little one needs some of the same things you need (like protection against… Read more »

Dental Checkups: Our Goals

Perhaps you know what to expect from your dental checkup. You know the types of instruments and equipment we will be using and you understand why you’re seeing us once every six month on a very general level. Since your oral health is important to you and we like for our patients to feel informed,… Read more »

Scheduling Preventive Visits: True Or False Quiz

Most patients will immediately answer, “Yes!” if we ask whether preventive dentistry is important. However, when we begin pressing a bit more, patients don’t necessarily have a solid handle on how often one should schedule an appointment. For instance, do you know whether different ages should see us as frequently? How about if you take… Read more »

Flossing: True-or-False Dental Quiz

When it comes to providing your teeth excellent preventive care, one item that is often overlooked is flossing. It’s like a final step that just seems like too much work but that is essential in protecting your teeth from the damage associated with tooth decay and gum disease. Wondering if when you do floss (which… Read more »

The Benefits Of Dental Implants

If you have thought to yourself that there must be some extraordinary way you can replace your tooth so that it seems like you never suffered from tooth loss, you’re on the right track. Dental implants provide patients with a surprisingly vast array of benefits. These prosthetics are titanium posts that we will use to… Read more »

Addressing Your Dental Extraction Concerns

You will likely be hard-pressed to run into any patient who feels excited at the thought of receiving an extraction. However, the informed patient can easily weigh the pros and cons of this dental health solution and quickly come to the conclusion that a dental extraction offers wonderful protection for one’s oral health and therefore… Read more »

Root Canal Treatment: All About Comfort

You may not usually associate the term “comfort” with “root canal” but we are here to tell you it’s about time you start doing just that. Surprisingly enough, root canal treatment is comfortable. What you may find even more shocking is that we suggest this treatment to end your pain, not to cause it. Rather than placing… Read more »

Butterfly Talk and Garden Walk

Do you love the exceptional effervescence of butterflies? Is there something magical about them that you still experience from childhood? If so, it may be time to head over to the Native Texas Butterfly House & Garden for an enjoyable experience.

What’s A Dental Crown?

Have you found yourself seeking information online or speaking with friends because you’re not quite sure what to make of crowns? Before you allow yourself to become confused, we encourage you to clear away the debris and receive the straightforward, surprisingly simple information that you need regarding what a dental crown provides patients and what… Read more »

Getting Serious About Dental Fillings

If you feel like the first person in the world that has ever left our practice with what feels like a million questions then you’re being too hard on yourself. This is a common occurrence, particularly after we have suggested a treatment like a dental filling to fix your tooth. Unfortunately, you may not know… Read more »