Month: November 2015

Important Things About Cavities

Cavities affect more people than any other chronic dental health issue, but they are still widely misunderstood in many important areas. For instance, many patients still believe that sugar is the main reason they develop cavities, or that their risk of cavities decreases as they grow older. The truth, though, is that tooth decay and… Read more »

Compelling Reasons To Schedule Checkups

Do you typically follow our suggestions for your oral health but you are having a hard time feeling motivated to schedule your dental checkup? We often come across patients who are dedicated to their home dental hygiene but are not quite clear about what makes scheduling preventive visits so important. We encourage you to consider some… Read more »

Tips For Successful Home Hygiene

Have you been wondering whether your home hygiene is the best it can be? Perhaps you are certain you have chosen an effective toothbrush and toothpaste. However, maybe you don’t know how frequently to brush your teeth. It is even possible that you have been flossing regularly but you’re wondering if your flossing is on target…. Read more »

Tips: Avoiding The Need For Restorative Care

Have you been wondering if there’s some magical way to protect your teeth that you have been overlooking? After all, you brush your teeth twice a day – you even floss every day! You visit us once every six months for your preventive checkup and cleaning. Shouldn’t this mean your teeth remain in excellent condition?… Read more »