Month: May 2022

Circumstances Where Crowns Can Restore Teeth

The goal at our Dallas, TX dentist’s office is to help our patients keep their teeth in great health so that they do not require restorative dental work. With that said, we understand that problems can arise even when people take care and follow smart hygiene routines. In the event that you have a problem… Read more »

We Are Ready To Provide Your Root Canal!

You may need to do something about a cavity that involves more than just the placement of a dental filling. As decay grows and the health of your tooth worsens, you are at risk for an infection that can cause discomfort and put your oral health at more serious risk. Fortunately, you can still count… Read more »

Treating Jaw Pain And Bite Stiffness

Unlike tooth pain, which can point to a specific concern, it can be less clear to you why you are experiencing broader discomfort in your face and jaw. In addition to having lingering discomfort that affects you throughout the day, you may experience stiffness, resistance, and increased pain whenever you attempt to bite and chew…. Read more »

Tips For More Effective Cavity Prevention

Committing to cavity prevention protects you against problems with your oral health that can have serious consequences. Dental decay causes permanent damage, and it can lead to issues with infection that become painful. If enough time passes, a cavity will do so much harm that a tooth has to be extracted! The good news is… Read more »