Month: August 2017

Can Mouthwash Really Protect Your Smile?

Do you like to use mouthwash to help freshen your breath? If so, your dentist would like you to know that while mouthwash is fine in moderation, it should never be viewed as a substitute for proper dental hygiene. Mouthwash can be a helpful addition, but it should not take the place of either brushing… Read more »

Ready to Rebound from the Loss of Your Tooth?

Tooth loss can elicit feelings of excitement for young children. But for adults, it can be quite the opposite. As an adult, tooth loss can bring about feelings of embarrassment or even frustration. It can also make it difficult to chew comfortably, or even to smile confidently. Fortunately, dental prostheses provide a way to address… Read more »

Enjoy Your Meals More, with a Modern Dental Filling

Meals, snacks, and even drinks can cause tooth sensitivity, particularly if they are very hot or very cold. Just because sensitivity is common, though, it doesn’t meant that you should ignore it. In many cases, tooth sensitivity exists because of an underlying and undiagnosed dental issue, such as a cavity. To help protect your smile,… Read more »

Could Sedation Dentistry Help Your Smile?

Have you been postponing dental checkups for quite some time now, all due to a generalized dental anxiety? If so, you could be at great risk of developing cavities, as well as gum disease, a chronic condition that can lead to tooth loss if unaddressed. Fortunately, even if you have been too afraid to get… Read more »

Tired of Feeling Dental Pain? Restorative Treatment Could Help

Ouch! Are mealtimes no longer about enjoying time with loved ones, and great food? Have they become a time of discomfort and pain, due to an undiagnosed dental issue? If so, don’t keep settling for dental problems interrupting your daily life and putting a damper on your favorite activities, like family dinner. Instead, talk to… Read more »