Month: August 2020

When’s the Best Time to Treat a Cavity?

If you’ve had to deal with a cavity before, then the specific way in which you treated it depends on how severe your cavity was when you treated it. For example, if you treated the cavity in its mild or moderate stage, then the solution was likely a tooth filling, which helps restore your tooth… Read more »

Ways to Improve the Results of Your Hygiene Routine

The fact that good dental hygiene is important to your oral health isn’t exactly a secret. However, many people can still experience the development of things like tooth decay and gum disease even when they diligently stick to the basics of good dental hygiene. For many people, the problem isn’t that their hygiene routine itself… Read more »

The Serious Dangers that Come with Bruxism

After grinding your teeth together constantly and consistently, having bruxism can become one of the biggest threats to your long-term oral health. Unfortunately, it isn’t always to tell on your own if you have a bruxism problem, or if you just occasionally grind your teeth out of habit. This can make the dangers of bruxism… Read more »

Protecting A Chipped Or Cracked Tooth With A Dental Crown

Restorative dental work addresses more than just tooth decay. If a physical injury damages your tooth, prompt treatment will protect you from potential complications from an infection, or from the tooth suffering additional harm. At our dentist’s office in Dallas, TX, we are prepared to restore teeth that have been chipped or cracked. To protect… Read more »