Month: February 2017

Is Time to Update Your Dental Prostheses?

Are you having a hard time enjoying time with friends or even sharing meals with family, ever since you suffered from adult tooth loss? Even after completing your smile with an unsupported denture, have you continued to feel insecure or even embarrassed about chewing in front of others, or even smiling? If so, it is… Read more »

Spend February Honoring National Children’s Dental Health Month

Do you take great pride in the many steps you have taken to help teach your kids about good dental hygiene, and the general importance of caring for one’s smile? If so, there is one more way you can help emphasize the role oral care plays in protecting their smiles, and that is by celebrating… Read more »

Is It Time to Restore Your Smile?

Have you had a hard time enjoying meals, or even coffee breaks, lately, all because of dental discomfort? Recently, has one of your oldest dental restorations started to look or feel outdated? Ill-fitting restorations can be uncomfortable and embarrassing. Of course, so can damaged teeth. What’s worse, is that over time dental issues are only… Read more »