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What to Do When You Experience Tooth Loss

When you experience the loss of one or more of your natural teeth, the impacts that the loss can have on your oral health may not always be immediately noticeable. While you may notice the change in your smile’s appearance right away, it can take time before the results of the loss begin to show… Read more »

Why Wisdom Teeth Are Often Extracted

Though tooth extraction isn’t a typically recommended dental treatment option, there are some conditions in which extracting a tooth is your smile’s best option. The need for tooth extraction can stem from several different specific reasons, but in each case, it’s due to the fact that the tooth can’t be saved or restored. For example,… Read more »

When You’re More Likely to Lose a Tooth

If you could accurately predict the specific problems that your smile will face in the future, then preserving its health and integrity would be a lot simpler. While this might not always be possible, there are ways that you can predict your likelihood of experiencing some of the more severe oral health concerns. For example,… Read more »

What Would Extracting Your Tooth Resolve?

There are several reasons why it isn’t a good idea to just extract a tooth that’s giving you trouble. Just because the tooth is fractured, broken, or afflicted with tooth decay doesn’t mean that it should just be removed and replaced with a man-made restoration. However, there are times when extraction is the best way… Read more »

What Could Losing a Tooth Lead To?

Many people who experience tooth loss realize that it’s a big deal for their oral health. That’s because many of the consequences are obvious, including the impact of the loss on your smile’s appearance and its effect on how your remaining teeth feel when you bite and chew. However, there are more consequences to tooth… Read more »

Important Points About Tooth Extraction

When you learn that you need tooth extraction, it may not seem like a step toward preserving your smile. Until now, the goal of your dental hygiene and preventive care routines have been to help you avoid compromising or losing any of your healthy, natural tooth structure. However, if tooth extraction becomes necessary, it’s important… Read more »

Why You May Need Tooth Extraction Treatment

There may come a time in a patient’s life when a tooth gets infected by decay. When that happens, your Dallas, TX, dentist will work hard at saving it. Treatments for doing so include dental crowns, fillings, and root canals. But it may just happen that the tooth has to be removed. This is usually… Read more »

What Are the Most Common Reasons for Tooth Extraction?

Extracting a tooth isn’t something that everyone will need to do. Yet, when your dentist suggests it, it’s for a good reason, and hesitating could lead to a heightened risk of even more serious oral health complications. Today, we examine a few of the most common reasons for tooth extraction and how the procedure helps… Read more »

A Few Questions About Tooth Extraction

Preserving your smile by protecting your healthy, natural tooth structure is the cornerstone of most restorative dentistry procedures. Though it can seem counterproductive, that sometimes means extracting a tooth so that it can no longer threaten the rest of your oral health. Being told that you need tooth extraction can leave you with many questions…. Read more »

What to Do After Tooth Extraction

When it comes to repairing a damaged tooth or restoring one that’s infected with decay, modern dentistry offers a variety of treatment options designed to address even the most severe cases. Yet, there are still times when a tooth is so compromised that it can’t be saved with advanced restorative dentistry. In such cases, extracting… Read more »