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Don’t Let Poor Oral Hygiene Lead To Gum Disease

When we don’t care for our smile from home and through regular office visits, we may develop serious complications. For many, this could mean the onset of gum disease, a major oral health concern linked to adult tooth loss. In today’s blog, we’re looking at what our Dallas, TX, patients can do to maintain good… Read more »

How Do I Improve Dental Hygiene At Home?

Did you know that October is National Dental Hygiene Month? With that in mind, we’d like to talk about what our Dallas, TX, patients can do to maintain healthy smiles from home. We’re discussing proper flossing, brushing, and more!

Does Your Child Need A Dental Sealant?

From the moment a tooth erupts, the is a risk of developing tooth decay. Since children have trouble brushing and flossing as thoroughly as adults, they tend to have a higher risk of cavities occurring. Fortunately, we have dental sealants to help protect little smiles in Dallas, TX.

Schedule Your Child’s Back-To-School Visit!

Your children will be returning to school very soon. Which means in addition to being busy during the day, there will be extracurricular activities and other events that will make finding time for the dentist pretty difficult. With that in mind, we recommend our patients in Dallas, TX, schedule a visit before the school year… Read more »

How Do I Practice At-Home Hygiene?

While seeing the dentist is vital for keeping your smile healthy, you also need to be taking care of your smile from home. Otherwise, common, but serious, oral health issue can develop, from tooth decay or gingivitis. Let’s talk about the best ways to practice successful at-home hygiene.

What Preventive Treatments Do Kids Need?

We have a number of preventive treatments to help adults maintain optimal oral health. But what about kids? Like grownups, children benefit from preventive treatments that help protect their smiles from the onset of tooth decay, gingivitis, and other oral health issues.

Have You Ever Heard Of Tori?

We often talk about the common oral health problems we address, such as cavities, gum disease, or damaged (and possibly lost) teeth. However, today we’re going to talk about a less common oral health issue known as mandibular tori, which only impacts between 5% and 10% of people in the United States.

How Do You Protect Children From Cavities?

Cavities impact patients of all ages, but children can be especially susceptible for multiple reasons, such as difficulty brushing and flossing properly, or excessive consumption of sweets. What can you do to protect your children from cavities? What preventive solutions can the dentist offer children?

How Much Do You Know About Children’s Dentistry?

As an adult, taking good care of your teeth can seem like second-nature. However, you had to learn what you know about good dental health, and teaching children the same lessons is vital to their lifelong dental health, as well. Because good hygiene practices and regular preventive care seem to come naturally, you may have… Read more »

Common Causes Behind Bad Breath

When your breath isn’t as fresh as it could be, you might be slightly embarrassed to engage with other people socially or at work. More importantly, however, it might also indicate an underlying dental health concern, or the need to dramatically improve your hygiene practices. The trick to defeating chronic bad breath (or halitosis) is… Read more »