Month: April 2020

Does Your Cracked Tooth Need a Dental Crown?

A cracked tooth might not always be as obvious as you’d expect it to be. You may not see all of the fracture, or any of it at all, and some fractured teeth don’t always hurt at first. Even if you notice and feel your cracked tooth, you may not realize just how important it… Read more »

How Bad Is Your Tooth Decay?

To many people who have it, tooth decay doesn’t seem that bad. Aside from a minor feeling of tooth sensitivity, they may not even realize that anything is wrong with the tooth at first. However, those that experience more severe tooth decay may realize the threat in the form of much more severe tooth pain,… Read more »

Is It Possible to Prevent Teeth Stains?

The point of preventive dental care, including your daily dental hygiene routine, is to protect your smile by preventing some of the more common types of dental problems from developing. For instance, both tooth decay and gum disease can have many contributing factors, but they form specifically when oral bacteria are allowed to infect your… Read more »

What to Eat for Better Oral Health

There are many different ways you can take good care of your smile, and probably some ways in which you can improve how well you take care of it now. However, next to the importance of good dental hygiene, other things can often seem less important. For instance, when it comes to keeping your teeth… Read more »

What Could Happen if You Ignore Good Hygiene?

You can successfully protect and preserve your smile without a good dental hygiene routine. Most people recognize this, and yet, many common dental concerns (like tooth decay and gum disease) still affect a large percentage of people of all ages. In many cases, it isn’t for lack of effort, but rather the fact that many… Read more »