Month: October 2015

Q&A: Dental Implant Lingo

If you have been seeking out ways to address your tooth loss, you will quickly discover that dental implants will require you to learn a whole new set of terms. First, allow us to say that we certainly applaud individuals who take their teeth replacement education seriously. However, we understand that familiarizing yourself with the details… Read more »

Simple Tips For Avoiding Extractions

Many patients are okay with the idea of receiving a variety of restorative treatments because it means retaining their natural teeth. However, when it comes to tooth removal, patients often become quite hesitant. After all, an extraction will leave you with the need for a tooth replacement. When compared with other treatments like fillings or… Read more »

Questions And Answers: Root Canals

There is a particular restorative treatment that typically comes with the greatest amount of questions when we recommend it. Can you guess what it is? If you said, “root canal” then you are spot on. You see, root canal treatment is completely comfortable and has the ability to rescue your tooth. Unfortunately, by the time… Read more »

Reasons We Place Dental Crowns

The world of restorative dentistry is a vast and interesting one. Have you just begun learning about the variety of treatments we offer to repair damaged teeth (in addition to infections and even missing teeth)? If so, you will find that we have many methods of returning you to a beautiful, healthy smile. When it… Read more »

Dental Fillings: What You Can Expect

Learning that you require a dental filling is something that might strike you as both good and bad. Good, of course, because you will be able to repair your tooth, say goodbye to any discomfort, and enjoy a restored smile. Bad, on the other hand, because you may not know what to expect from the… Read more »

Restorative Dentistry Questions

How much do you know about restorative dentistry and what it does for your smile? If you aren’t fully informed about its advantages, you may have some questions brewing that you would like to have answered. Keep in mind, a wonderful time to bring up concerns or simply ask about your oral health is during… Read more »