Month: May 2021

When Dental Fillings Can Be Lifelike

Hand in medical glove holding stainless steel double ended dental spatula and making filling from powder on foam plastic

It goes without saying that your oral health is of the utmost importance. In fact, the biggest gift we can provide our oral health is a well-rounded preventive dental routine. This often includes a balance of brushing and flossing at home, attending routine dental checkups, and even paying mind to the foods and beverages you… Read more »

Added Strength For Younger Smiles

Pediatric dentist educating a smiling little girl about proper tooth-brushing, demonstrating on a model. Early prevention, raising awareness, oral hygiene demonstration concept

Making sure your children brush and floss regularly can be a difficult task to accomplish, depending on their age. Communicating the importance of oral health and a clean smile can be difficult to put into words, and besides, they have time to perfect the process. In reality, however, it is never too early to get… Read more »

What’s Covered In Your Checkup?

young and beautiful woman look at mirror after teeth treatment by professional dentist. Medicine concept

Ensuring the health of your teeth can be a complex task to take on. After all, there are countless sources of danger and infections that can take your health hostage. With the advent of advanced dental technology and practices, however, restorative treatment has been made much more efficient and straight-forward. Keep in mind, though, that… Read more »

Treating Severe Gingivitis With Minor Perio Surgery

teeth with gingivitis

It goes without saying that concerns brought on by oral bacteria can be tricky to traverse. After all, how do you address a concern that has made its way beneath the surface of your gums without seeking additional treatment? Indeed, dentistry permits trained professionals to assist throughout a variety of stages in the process of… Read more »