Month: May 2016

Preventive Care For A White Smile?

Have you ever wondered about the best way to keep your smile white? While there are many options out there for treating a yellowed smile, what does one do with a smile that is currently looking quite vibrant? Fortunately, you will be happy to know that helping that smile remain beautiful is simple – just… Read more »

Q&A: What’s A Water Flosser?

Perhaps you have been hearing a bit of discussion amongst your friends about water flossers. We may have also suggested that you try this dental hygiene product if you are not enjoying your dental floss – or are simply avoiding flossing because you have an aversion to the process. The good news is that this item… Read more »

3 Products To Add To Your Bathroom

Have you been stocking your bathroom with the same dental hygiene products for as long as you can remember? Whether your oral health is declining a bit or if you are simply interested in infusing some excitement into your hygiene, we encourage you to add to your collection. From accessories that help you stay on… Read more »

Tooth Sensitivity? We’ve Got Answers.

Finding yourself faced with tooth sensitivity can make you feel a bit helpless. First, you probably don’t know why it’s happening. Second, you might not know if this is worth calling us about. Good news: It’s certainly an issue we need to hear about. While it might be a warning sign that you’re overdoing it… Read more »

Are You Sabotaging Your Dental Hygiene?

Are you brushing your teeth two times daily? How about flossing? Are you flossing your smile at least twice every day? If so, you may think that everything is just peachy and that your smile is going to remain in beautiful condition. Unfortunately, you may discover that your efforts in dental hygiene might not be… Read more »