Month: November 2019

Why Cavity Prevention Is Such a Big Deal

Preventing things from happening is the basis of good dental health care. For example, brushing and flossing your teeth every day is meant to prevent plaque from overwhelming your teeth and gums. Also, dental checkups and cleanings at our Dallas, TX, dental office help prevent any lingering plaque and tartar (calcified plaque) from leading to… Read more »

Dental Implants Offer Lifelike Missing Tooth Replacement

Losing teeth can be embarrassing, and lead to problems with your smile’s health and function. In order to offer our Dallas, TX, patients a lifelike solution to tooth loss, whether minor or advanced, we may recommend implant dentistry. In today’s blog, let’s look at the benefits of tackling tooth loss with dental implants!

How Do We Extract A Tooth?

Your Dallas, TX, dentist strives to help our patients enjoy optimal oral health, preserving natural teeth and preventing serious concerns from even developing. But what if a tooth does need to be removed? If we need to perform an extraction to improve smile health, we always take steps to ensure the procedure is quick, comfortable,… Read more »

See Us To Use Your 2019 Dental Benefits

Are you ready for the holiday season? Before your schedule gets too hectic, consider scheduling a visit with your Dallas, TX, dentists to use your 2019 dental benefits. They will expire in December, so act quickly to greet 2019 with a healthier smile, and continue your journey to optimal smile health and beauty in 2020!