Month: October 2017

How Can Tooth Extraction Be a Good Thing?

Most of the times when you visit your dentist, the best news you can receive is that your natural teeth are in perfect health and you’re on track to preserving your smile for life. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, and keeping up with excellent dental health often means receiving cosmetic or restorative treatment to… Read more »

Fillings That Fit Every Need

When you need dental treatment, you have a choice of what kind of treatment, materials, and results you receive. When it comes to treating tooth decay (the most common dental health condition), those choices often include the material used to fill your cavity. For some patients, modern tooth-colored fillings are the best and most attractive… Read more »

Why Taking Gum Disease Serious Matters to Your Body

Your oral health is a window into your systemic health in many ways. For instance, many chronic health conditions, including many forms of cancer, can manifest as issues with your oral tissues. By keeping a close eye on your oral health, your dentist may be able to spot signs of other troubles. On the other… Read more »

Reasons Why Checkups and Cleanings Are Important

Most people are aware of what a dental checkup and cleaning appointment is, as well as the fact that they should attend one at least twice a year to keep their smiles healthy. However, not everyone realizes that skipping even one appointment can have drastic consequences on their long-term oral health. The reason why checkups… Read more »