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Finding Your Tooth Replacement Solution

Older Smiling Dallas TX

Sometimes, you might require the removal of one of your natural teeth in order to keep your smile safe into the future. It is important through this process to remember that you have the opportunity to give yourself a quality prosthodontic solution that is built to last. Every smile has its own specific advantages and… Read more »

Restoring Your Smile With A Dental Implant

For some people, the biggest threat to their smile includes the effects of grinding their teeth constantly throughout the night. For others, however, the biggest threat involves harmful oral bacteria that cause decay and infection. Indeed, while a healthy dental regimen includes a steady balance of preventive care at home and in-office, falling short of… Read more »

Three Ways Dental Implants Complete Your Appearance

Decay is one of the most common dental concerns that nearly everyone experiences at some point or another, usually in the form of a cavity. When caught early on, cavities can be easily addressed with a dental filling, and you can resume your normal function quickly and efficiently. In other cases, however, decay can be… Read more »

Securing Your Smile with Dental Implants

It goes without saying that oral health is a top concern, but that each dental emergency or situation is unique in nature. You may have experienced a tooth getting chipped or cracked, or even tooth loss altogether. What can be even more harmful are diseases that can occur due to these injuries and blemishes in… Read more »

Questions You Might Have About Dental Implants

Dental implants have become highly popular among patients who’ve experienced tooth loss, and for many good reasons. However, despite their popularity, there are many things about dental implant-supported restorations that aren’t that obvious. For example, the benefits that they provide to your smile long-term might not be as noticeable as their more immediate benefits. Also,… Read more »

Have You Lost a Tooth? Consider a Dental Implant Crown

Your smile is more than what you see on the surface, and when you lose a tooth, the loss can have more implications than you realize at first. For example, in addition to the loss of the tooth’s visible portion, called the crown, the missing root within your jawbone structure can have long-lasting impacts on… Read more »

Why Are Some Restorations Supported by Dental Implants?

Modern dental restorations can do a lot more to help patients preserve their smiles than they used to. In addition to repairing and protecting teeth that have compromised by damage or decay, they can also be custom-designed to replace one or more lost teeth to help rebuild your smile with lifelike results. When the goal… Read more »

Let’s Talk About The Advantages Of Dental Implants

Missing teeth mean your overall oral health, as well as your appearance, can suffer. In order to protect smiles in Dallas, TX, from the complications of untreated tooth loss, we provide our patients a durable and long-lasting option: dental implants. Let’s look at the advantages that dental implants offer our patients with one or more… Read more »

Important Facts About Dental Implants

With today’s highly lifelike restorative and prosthetic dental materials, replacing one or more lost teeth is simpler than ever, and the results are more lifelike than many patients expect. Those results are even more beneficial when modern bridges and dentures are coupled with an appropriate number of dental implant posts. Made from biocompatible titanium, which… Read more »

Overcoming Tooth Loss with Dental Implants

With the goal of preserving your smile as well as restoring it, we often recommend replacing lost teeth with an appropriate number of dental implants. Unlike conventional prosthetics, such as dental bridges and dentures, implants offer the unique benefit of replacing your lost teeth roots. This gives them the ability to support your bridge or… Read more »