Three Ways Dental Implants Complete Your Appearance

Dental upper jaw prosthesis with fixation on six implants, shot on a black backgroundDecay is one of the most common dental concerns that nearly everyone experiences at some point or another, usually in the form of a cavity. When caught early on, cavities can be easily addressed with a dental filling, and you can resume your normal function quickly and efficiently. In other cases, however, decay can be ignored and allowed to spread, causing significant damage to a tooth that, after reaching a certain point, would render a restoration useless. In today’s blog, your Dallas, TX dentist looks at the point when an extraction is needed to prevent damage to your oral health, and how dental implants can complete your smile once again.

A Single Gap

While a number of concerns can cause significant harm to a tooth, decay is among the most common causes of tooth loss. In fact, your dentist may recommend extraction in order to protect surrounding structures because the infection has become so bad and other restorations cannot help preserve your smile. Keep in mind, however, that even though the diseased structure is no longer present, the harmful bacteria causing the concern still may be. Because of this, your dentist will recommend having the gap filled with an artificial structure so as to not only save and complete your smile once more but restore its function as well.

To protect your grin, your dentist may suggest a dental implant. This process consists of strategically placing a biocompatible implant post securely in the jaw to function as an artificial root, then placing a restoration atop it to function as an artificial crown. Not only will this solution visibly complete your smile with a lifelike appearance, but can also restore your bite and overall function. Contact our team to learn more about this process and to find out if you may qualify.

Adjacent Teeth

When a tooth is lost due to infection or decay caused by harmful bacteria, your surrounding teeth become increasingly more at risk of loss as well, especially the longer you wait to replace your tooth. Even if this does occur and you are missing several adjacent structures, however, your smile can still be saved with a dental bridge. Named for its ability to span the area between your remaining teeth, this restoration can be secured either with a dental adhesive or with implant posts on either side.

All Structures

One of the major benefits that implant restorations offer is versatility in addressing a number of missing teeth. This means that if you are missing one structure, all of them, and every amount in-between, titanium posts can help! Contact our team to learn more and determine the best solution for you.

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More concerns can arise when you do not address missing teeth, and dental implants can provide the solution. Contact Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry in Dallas, TX by calling 972-329-7645 to learn more or schedule your visit today.