Restoring Your Grin with a Tooth-Colored Filling

3d render of tooth with dental inlay filling isolated over white backgroundWhile you may be routinely brushing and flossing, other factors can contribute to the development of cavities, infection, and more. For instance, your diet plays a major role, as many foods contain high levels of acidity that can actively work to break down the natural enamel present on the front of your teeth, your smile’s only true defense mechanism. Indeed, fruits, sweets, certain beverages, and more all work against your grin, breaking down your tooth’s structure and allowing infection to set in that will require intensive treatments such as a root canal to address. In this week’s blog, your Dallas, TX dentist looks at staying on top of your oral health by treating minor cavities with a filling before they get worse.

Removing Decay

When you meet with our office, your dentist will examine the affected structure to determine the best course of action and see if a filling is the appropriate step for you. If the cavity has progressed past a certain point and there is a possibility a filling may fail, then we will work with you to determine the next most viable option, whether it be a dental crown or root canal treatment. If the cavity is minor to moderate in extent, your dentist may choose to move forward with removing the decay from the infected area so as to ensure it is disease-free before moving forward with filling the hole.

Reinforcement from Infection

Once the decaying portions of your teeth are removed and thoroughly cleaned, your dentist will proceed with filling the hole with a tooth-colored composite resin filling. This material is malleable, allowing it to be spread within the structure so as to fill every nook and crevice. After the composite resin has been placed and shaped to mimic the natural texture of your teeth, it is then hardened to create a secure bond that can prevent harmful bacteria and more from entering. Not only does this keep bacteria from entering the structure, but it serves as a reinforcement barrier as well, increasing the lifespan of your tooth. For more information, contact our team today.

A Shade-Matched Material

One of the major benefits of receiving a filling besides reinforcing your natural teeth is the ability to do so with minimal discontinuity. In other words, the composite resin can be shade-matched to your grin, providing a near seamless appearance once placed. Now you can once again enjoy a healthy smile without having to compromise its appearance.

Visit Our Office

It is always better to act sooner rather than later when it comes to your oral health, and responding to minor cavities quickly and efficiently can afford you the opportunity to maintain a complete, healthy grin. Contact Gentle Smiles in Dallas, TX by calling 972-329-7645 to schedule your appointment today.