Month: June 2018

Do You Have Questions About Root Canals?

Few procedures seem to make a patient nervous like a root canal. Unfortunately, this is often due to inaccurate jokes or stories, as the procedure is actually comfortable and comparable to receiving a simple dental filling. Do you have questions about root canal therapy?

When Does My Smile Need A Dental Crown?

If your tooth develops decay or is chipped or broken, then treatment is needed. Otherwise, a host of complications can arise, including infection and tooth loss. Fortunately, we can return a tooth to optimal health, function, and beauty with a custom-made dental crown.

Will Your Filling Match Your Smile?

In the past, a dental filling was made using metal, such as gold or amalgam. While effective, they didn’t blend with the smile and could be problematic for those with metal allergies, as well as young children and pregnant women. However, we can create a dental filing that is metal-free and will match your smile.

Do You Have Questions About Dental Sedation?

Dental anxiety is no fun. For many people, a fear of the dentist means avoiding crucial dental treatment, from routine cleanings to restorative procedures. Fortunately, to help those with anxiety, we have sedation dentistry.