Month: September 2020

When Treating Tooth Decay Requires Root Canal Therapy

For many different oral health concerns, losing a tooth is the worst-case scenario of the problem’s progression. For instance, when a tooth develops a case of decay, the problem describes an infection in the tooth that continuously erodes the tooth’s healthy, natural structure. In the worst case of tooth decay, this can erode so much… Read more »

Is Gingivitis Worth Worrying About?

Until you develop a problem like gum disease, it doesn’t seem like the dangers of it are anything to be immediately concerned about. Unfortunately, you won’t always know the moment you develop gum disease, or recognize the signs that it’s already developing among your gum tissues. This is often because gingivitis, the first stage of… Read more »

When You’re More Likely to Lose a Tooth

If you could accurately predict the specific problems that your smile will face in the future, then preserving its health and integrity would be a lot simpler. While this might not always be possible, there are ways that you can predict your likelihood of experiencing some of the more severe oral health concerns. For example,… Read more »

How Does a Dental Crown Save a Tooth?

The point of any restorative dental treatment is to successfully restore a tooth’s ability to function properly. This can require different levels of restoration depending on the tooth’s specific concern and the extent of that concern’s impact on the tooth’s health and integrity. Because they’re designed to cap the entire visible structure of a tooth,… Read more »