Month: June 2021

When Your Diet Impacts Your Smile

Joyful Afro-American man closing eyes with half of oranges, vitamins for health

It goes without saying that dental decay and infection are among the most common oral health concerns out there. As a matter of fact, these issues affect millions of individuals every year in one form or another, and any one of any age may endure it. While decay is certainly not a topic to be… Read more »

How We Address Varying Degrees of Decay

3d render of jaw with tooth cavity and cyst. Dental problem concept.

Taking care of your smile is a lifelong process, as there are countless oral health concerns that threaten your structures and their integrity. What’s more? These threats do not simply go away with time, and once you fall short in any one area of your routine, it will not be long before decay, infection, or… Read more »

Have Six Months Passed Since Your Checkup?

Doctor examining patient's teeth with intraoral camera

When it comes to ensuring the health of your smile, taking care to practice an excellent prevent routine is a must. Indeed, most individuals know that preventive dentistry is the name of the game when it comes to ensuring your smile’s health for life, but did you know that there are more steps to consider… Read more »

Three Ways Dental Crowns Protect Your Smile

closeup for dental onlay on a molar tooth shown on a plaster model

Taking care of your smile is a lifelong process, as it involves consistent care and protection. Indeed, a well-rounded preventive routine consists of attending your six-month checkups, taking care to brush and floss properly at home, and paying mind to the negative effects of certain foods and beverages. Even still, you could do everything correctly,… Read more »