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How Flossing Helps You Protect Your Smile

If you want to maintain a smile that is attractive and healthy, you should put in effort every day to keep it in good condition. Effectively fighting the accumulation of bacteria and food particles calls for more than just brushing, as you should also be flossing every evening. By doing so, you take care of… Read more »

Staying Consistent With Dental Checkups

Does your smile receive all the care that it should to keep it safe from oral health threats like tooth decay and gum disease? If you are consistent about your daily oral hygiene routine, you can defend yourself against potentially serious threats. However, you should not look to these habits alone to protect you, as… Read more »

Caring For Your Gums During Checkups

At a typical dental checkup, how much can you really expect your dentist to do for you? It may be no surprise to learn that you are being examined for cavities, and you can expect to receive a dental cleaning that fights plaque as well as tartar. However, you should know that you should also… Read more »

The Effectiveness Of Dental Cleanings

As part of your daily routine, you should brush and floss your teeth. Keeping up with smile care in this way is important for preventing problems with tartar buildup, tooth decay, and gum disease, and it can help you preserve an appearance that gives you confidence. While you should recognize the importance of these activities,… Read more »

Dental Exams And Your Oral Health Support

What does your approach to oral health care currently look like? Do you solely rely on your daily brushing and flossing routine to protect you, or are you taking advantage of your access to preventive dental appointments? If you forgo dental examinations, you can leave yourself more vulnerable to problems than you realize. In the… Read more »

How Routine Dental Checkups Protect You

What does your daily smile care routine involve? Are you brushing and flossing on a daily basis, and are you actively making diet choices that lower your risk for cavities? The right decisions on a daily basis are important, but to make sure your smile remains in good condition, you should still schedule general dental… Read more »

When Your Diet Impacts Your Smile

Joyful Afro-American man closing eyes with half of oranges, vitamins for health

It goes without saying that dental decay and infection are among the most common oral health concerns out there. As a matter of fact, these issues affect millions of individuals every year in one form or another, and any one of any age may endure it. While decay is certainly not a topic to be… Read more »

See Us To Use Your 2019 Dental Benefits

Are you ready for the holiday season? Before your schedule gets too hectic, consider scheduling a visit with your Dallas, TX, dentists to use your 2019 dental benefits. They will expire in December, so act quickly to greet 2019 with a healthier smile, and continue your journey to optimal smile health and beauty in 2020!

How To Care For Your Smile At Home

We suggest patients of all ages make time to see their Dallas, TX, dentist at least once every six months, so we monitor smiles and help ensure optimal oral health. But what about the times between these visits? In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss daily routines that could help your family enjoy healthy smiles… Read more »

Can You Drink Your Way to Better Oral Health?

Ever wonder if there is more you could be doing to prevent cavities? If you’ve experienced dental decay in the past, then you know all too well how frustrating it can be to be diagnosed with a cavity. Even though treatment is often fast and minimally invasive, like a simple dental filling, it is certainly… Read more »