Finding Your Tooth Replacement Solution

Older Smiling Dallas TXSometimes, you might require the removal of one of your natural teeth in order to keep your smile safe into the future. It is important through this process to remember that you have the opportunity to give yourself a quality prosthodontic solution that is built to last.

Every smile has its own specific advantages and disadvantages. Speak with our team at Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry in Dallas, TX about the options that will work with your particular situation. We have you covered, from traditional means of repair to novel uses of technology. Renew the quality of your smile with durable prosthodontic repair that can help you to chew with confidence. Show off your smile as well with a life-life new prosthetic tooth replacement that lets your smile shine through again. You have options in the replacement after your extraction!

Trusted Means Of Restoring Function

Your smile relies on the balance of your bite and when you lose a vital piece of your mouth, you can run into problems. Understandably, you can start to chew in the stronger areas of your mouth. Overuse in this location can focus the stress of chewing here and wear down your enamel. Balance is crucial to keeping strong enamel as you age. A dental bridge could be your solution for a lasting smile.

In instances of loss with an otherwise healthy mouth, one of the cornerstone prosthodontic procedures is known as a dental bridge. This is a durable hanging solution between two crowns on either side of your gap. If you have one to three missing teeth in a row, this can be a powerful opportunity to restore functionality to your smile.

Using Science To Create A Strong Connection

Dental implants are another popular method of prosthodontic restoration. This process begins with a threaded titanium post that sits within the bone matter of your jaw. When you heal, the properties of this metal fool your immune system into believing that the post is your natural tissue.  The snug connection then allows for the placement of a custom prosthetic tooth solution. Speak with your provider about how dental implants provide durability.

Gorgeous Prosthodontic Solutions In Dallas, TX

The loss of a tooth is not the end of the matter. You have options in the replacement of your missing dental material, so speak with a qualified professional about your next steps. Call Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry in Dallas, TX at 972-329-7645 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our team. Dental bridges can help renew bite function with a life-like prosthetic that connects to your healthy teeth. For a more novel solution, ask about dental implants. This process utilizes a sturdy titanium post to give you a strong connection between your jaw and your new prosthetic tooth. There is a solution for your specific smile needs!