What To Know Before Oral Surgery

Gentle Smiles Offers Oral Surgery

When most patients hear that they need a more invasive treatment to recover a tooth, they worry about the discomfort and recovery that may be associated with oral surgery. It can be anxiety-inducing to know you will need a tooth extracted, but this can be beneficial to your smile’s health. At Gentle Smiles in Dallas, TX, we offer this service in our own office so that patients can feel at home during this treatment. To help you feel at ease, here is what you need to know before receiving treatment.

When Extraction Is Necessary

Your dentist will attempt to restore the damaged tooth before suggesting it be removed. Extraction is necessary in cases of irreparable damage or alignment problems. For instance, if you are experiencing severe decay or an abscess, a root canal will be suggested. If this does not solve the problem, the next best option would be to remove the tooth before the root or gums are damaged.

Extractions are also part of orthodontic work as well. If you have overcrowding, sometimes it can be best to remove the teeth to create enough room for your smile to straighten with braces. When your third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, grow in, they are removed to prevent your teeth from shifting.

We Offer Sedation For Your Comfort

Understandably, any form of invasive dental work can cause some anxiety. Our team will do our best to help you feel calm during this process. Instead of referring you to an outside office, we will provide this treatment with our staff. Being familiar with the staff and space can allow you to feel more relaxed.

We also offer forms of sedation for your comfort. Your dentist will determine the type necessary depending on the surgery and your needs. We offer two forms of sedation: nitrous oxide and oral sedation. Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas and allows you to feel calm in a short amount of time. Oral sedation will be longer-lasting and will be taken before the appointment. You should have a friend or family member to drive you home after your appointment as it can take time for the effects to wear off.

Tips For Recovery

Your dentist will give you thorough instructions for your aftercare, but here are a few tips to recover smoothly.

Do: Get adequate rest, take pain medications as prescribed, and eat soft foods like Jello, soup, and mashed potatoes.

Do not: Smoke or use tobacco products, drink through a straw, or eat hard foods.

Schedule Your Oral Surgery Today

If you have been told you need a tooth extracted, do not put off this surgery. Schedule an appointment by calling Gentle Smiles in Dallas, TX, today at 972-329-7645 (972-329-SMILE).