Let’s Talk About Gum Disease

Gentle Smiles in Dallas, TX, offers periodontal care for patients

There is more to your oral health than just keeping your pearly whites clean. Your gums are vital to your well-being, too. Periodontal disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults today, but there are ways to prevent this. Today, Gentle Smiles in Dallas, TX, is here to explain the steps you can take to maintain healthy gums.

Our Gums Are An Essential Part Of Our Smile

The gingival tissue keeps our teeth in place, prevent bacteria from entering our bodies, help support our oral cavity, and provide many other functions. If they are not healthy, it could lead to your teeth lacking support or coming out. To help maintain their well-being, it is vitally important that you prioritize your gum health. You can do this by practicing an efficient oral hygiene routine and seeing your dentist regularly. You may already know that you should brush twice a day, and you should also floss. These steps help remove bacteria from difficult to reach areas. If this step is missed, it could lead to plaque buildup developing on your teeth or tissue line.

Signs Of Periodontal Disease

You should see your dentist every six months for a checkup. During this appointment, your dentist will look for potential signs of concern like swollen or bleeding gums. If these symptoms are noticed, it could be an indicator of gum disease. It is important that this is addressed promptly in order to avoid the infection from worsening. Poor oral hygiene is a leading risk factor in developing gingivitis, but other factors can contribute to this as well. Patients who smoke, have autoimmune disorders, or high stress may have an increased chance of developing this infection. There are several stages of periodontal disease. The first phase, gingivitis, may be treated with the help of improved oral hygiene and deep cleaning sessions. More advanced stages of this infection can be maintained with routine deep cleanings.

How Deep Cleaning Treatments Help

Periodontal cleanings are more in-depth than a standard cleaning. Plaque buildup will be removed from below your gumline, and root planing can be done to promote the reattachment of your gums to the root of your tooth. We use ultrasonic technology to help make this process more efficient and comfortable for you.

If your gum disease is highly advanced, you may need minor surgery to help improve your condition. Oral surgery can seem intimidating, but these treatments can help manage your symptoms by removing or reshaping the tissue. Your dentist will guide you through these procedures if they are necessary.

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