Rediscover The Feeling Of Healthy Gums

Khaki Dallas TXPeriodontal disease is a highly prevalent issue in mouths all across the world, and this condition affects nearly half of all American adults. This term refers to the infection and inflammation of your gum tissue. Without the adequate protection of sturdy gums, your teeth become increasingly more at risk of infection and even loss. The determined care of your periodontal tissue can give you a brighter dental future, if you take the time it takes to fully care for your oral health.

A prevailing misconception is that you have all of the tools you need in order to maintain a sturdy smile. While your home hygiene is vital to your lasting dental strength, it is not enough to keep you safe from bacterial growth. Regular meetings with your dentist at Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry in Dallas, TX can help you in two distinct ways. From the early detection of growing concerns to the removal of problem plaque and tartar, feel better after your appointment. For further periodontal care, scaling and root planing cleans deeper to help you to stay free of harmful bacterial accumulation.

Come In For A Look In Order To Identify Your Weak Points

One segment of your checkup is a visual examination of your smile. During this time, your dentist will take a look at your mouth and take note of the areas where your home hygiene is lacking. Even with consistent dedicated brushing and flossing, there may be areas that you unconsciously ignore. It can be difficult to notice these things on your own, so use this time to learn more about your dental hygiene.

Speak with your provider about any discomfort or redness related to your gums. This could be a condition known as gingivitis, and it is the initial phase of infection. A dedicated plan now can help you to prevent gum recession, so take their suggestions to heart.

A Cleaner Smile Is Achievable With Your Checkup

The maintenance of your periodontal tissue includes the consistent cleaning of your mouth from a qualified dental health professional. Sticking to your guideline of six month visits helps you to avoid larger amounts of plaque and tartar accumulation. A longer period of time between checkups means that bacteria have the ability to produce more harmful acidic waste. Your oral health caregiver can remove harmful tartar that remains even after a firm brushing. For a more detailed cleaning around the gumline, scaling and root planing helps you to fight your infection.

Work Toward Healthy Gums In Dallas, TX

Give us a call at Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry in Dallas, TX at 972-329-7645 to schedule an appointment or find out more. Scaling and root planing during your checkup can place a newfound emphasis on your periodontal health. Take the time to improve your smile.