What Can I Do To Keep My Dental Crown In Good Condition?

You can be more than ready to have a dental crown placed to address a problem tooth. This restoration is used to cover  damaged teeth, as well as those that have experienced advanced decay, or are naturally unable to provide proper functional support. After you receive your crown, you can feel better about the way you look, and enjoy freedom from discomfort. Of course, after your restorative dental work is done, your concern may move to preserving the condition of your crown. You should know that the modern crowns your Dallas, TX dentist provides can offer important functional support, so you should be comfortable using a crown to produce biting and chewing pressure like a normal tooth. As long as you keep up with smart oral health habits, you should be able to count on many years of support from your dental work!

Your Crown Should Make It Easier For You To Bite And Chew Normally

Once you receive your crown, you should feel more comfortable with everyday dental functions like biting and chewing. In fact, one important benefit of a dental crown is that it can handle this pressure. When you attempt to modify your jaw motions, you can tax your joints, and eventually experience frequent discomfort as a result. When you avoid putting pressure on your crown, you also put more strain on remaining teeth, which can weaken them.

Let Us Know If You Think Something Is Wrong With Your Dental Crown

Modern dental crowns are made to provide cosmetic and functional benefits that are long-lasting. If you have a problem with an older crown, you may be in need of a replacement. Any time you think a crown might be damaged, loose, or just not as supportive as it ought to be, bring the matter to your dentist’s attention. Remember that a crown is in place to offer continued protection and support – when a dental restoration is not secure, your oral health can experience trouble.

Gentle Smiles Family Dentistry Can Provide Expert Tooth Protection With A Modern Crown

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